Design and UX of an online store

Online store design and UX - what are they?

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18. Sep 2020
Design and UX of an online store

In today's demanding market, it is not only the quality and price of the offered products or services that count. Visual problems are becoming increasingly important, including the appearance of the online store through which the sale is made. The design and UX of the online store often influence the decision to stay on the website and thus often - to buy a product or use a service. What exactly is the design and UX of the online store?  Website design is everything a customer sees when on a web page. The design, which is usually understood as the appearance of a website, should represent its added value. Similarly  UX  (called.  User experience  , Pol.  User experience). UX is the overall experience that the user experiences while navigating the website. So, what factors influence the positive perception of the consumer visiting an online store?

Factors influencing the design and UX of an online store:

Easy site navigation

An important factor influencing the attractiveness of an online store is the ease of navigation in it. Here, fully understandable, short messages, visible redirects, the shortest possible shopping route, a clear division of categories and the availability of a product search engine are important. All this means that the person who visits the website can find what he is looking for in a simple and fast way, and then - willingly makes purchases and returns to the store.

The shortest possible way to shop

A positive UX can also be obtained in the shortest possible time of purchase. The fewer clicks a customer has to make to make a purchase, the better. It is worth following the rule with three clicks. This principle states that the customer should be able to reach each section of the page with a maximum of three clicks. It works well for many websites, including stores. Please note that this is only a general guideline. It happens that the online store requires the user to make several decisions - then the optimal scenario will require not three but four or five clicks. Thus, unreasonable adherence to the three-click rule can be negative for UX.

Clear division of categories

A clear division of categories also contributes to a positive user experience. It should be remembered that most people who visit an online store are looking for specific products. So let's make it easier for customers to create categories. For example, clothing stores divide their products into women's, men's and children's, then new products and sales, then sportswear, shoes, accessories, underwear, etc. A sense of order and ease of search contribute to quick purchases and increased sales.

Product Finder

The product finder is a user-rated addition. This is not a mandatory element, but it is certainly an added value of an online store. The best search engines offer consumers by filling in product names for them and / or showing thumbnails of these products. This is another element that aims to save customers time.

CTA buttons

CTA buttons (called.  Call to action  , gender.  Call to action  ) is a method of telling potential customers what to do when they are on a web page. CTA is an incentive to click on a link in the form of a button, image, text or slogan. Its main purpose is to act against the person visiting the online store. This action usually consists of filling in the form or adding a product to the basket. A CTA is usually a button with a distinctive appearance that differs from the accepted graphic convention. The erratic appearance attracts the user's attention.

Permanent appearance of the entire website

No less important for the design and UX is the constant appearance of the entire website. Even the best sales texts, the most original graphics, the unusual use of the three-click rule and many conveniences in the form of categories, search engines and CTA buttons will not bring the expected results when the whole thing is not in harmony with each other. When creating or upgrading an online store, it is worth going to a professional graphic designer who will take care not only of the appearance of individual elements of the website, but also of the overall appearance of the website.

Online Store Design and UX - Why Is It So Important?

Currently, to meet consumer expectations, offering a quality and inexpensive product or service is no longer enough. The visual problems of products and the places where they are sold are becoming more and more important. That's why website design and UX are constantly gaining importance. The design and UX of the online store consists of many factors. It is worth carefully analyzing and creating each of them, because most often it is the details that determine the recognition and thus - the big sales of online stores.


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