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16. Sep 2020
About us

getX.eu is a product of Azaril LTD, based from 2004 wich involves both software and hardware IT services

getX.eu is an online marketplace where every user can publish their product or service without any cost, as well as it offers lots of unique features and services in advertisment and online software support.

The development of getX began in the early spring of 2015. After many hours of hard work, getX finally went live in the early summer of 2016. Since then we've constantly been adding new features while trying to keep the original "clean and simple" look


Contact FORM Mail us to support@getX.eu


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Windows / Linux (Systems Administration), Cyber Security, Information Management, Functionality, IP Setup, Wireless Modems/Routers, Web Design, Web Development, Visual Basic, UI / UX, User-Centered Design, File Systems, Implement Backup and Recovery Plan, Install, Maintain, and Merge Databases, Optimization, Develop and Test Methods to Synchronize Data, Develop and Secure Network Structures, Database Administration, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL
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