Hydrogen fuel saving system HHO kit HSL 2000

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Published 3 months ago
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Hydrogen fuel saving system HHO kit HSL 2000
Bulgaria, Sofia City,
Published 3 months ago


Basic Professional HHO Kit for Petrol or Diesel engine
Suitable for engine displacement: from 1000cc to 2500cc
Includes water level sensor and automatic fuse 30A

If you are adding HHO gas to your internal combustion engine, you practically enrich the air-fuel mixture to be able to burn more effectively. Both Hydrogen and Oxygen improve fossil fuels to combust more efficiently and thoroughly. Most known fuels like diesel, petrol, LPG, or even CNG have an efficiency of around 25%. This means they create approximately 25% mechanical power by their burning. If you are wondering if it’s not that efficient?! Yes, it’s not! Also, incomplete combustion pollutes the air and causes low air quality. Besides, your engine builds up carbon deposits over many engine parts.

The engine burns hydrocarbon fuels, right? As a result, the engine creates mechanical power, but also CO2, CO, and carbon soot. Affected parts by the carbon of the engine are the EGR valve, air-intake pipes, swirl-flaps, turbo compressor, diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter, and so on. These carbon deposits usually compromise the regular operation of the engine at some time. In most cases, before the motor has a mileage of 150K kilometers, it already starts having carbon problems. Working for over a decade to improve this technology and to help people get the advantage of Hydrogen technologies.

We did lots of tests and spent a lot of materials to test and select the best ones. We spent a lot of financial resources, we also spent a lot of time, effort, and nerves to improve hydrogen technologies.
But we’ve developed the most effective and reliable HHO generators. Now you can use our products, produced based on all our experience and desire to build the most sophisticated HHO kits. So, don’t spend all of these resources above! We are already done this for you! Just buy it and use it!
All of our Products lie HHO Dry cells, HHO bubbler, HHO tanks, or even HHO electronics are developed and produced in European Union, and they comply with all standards required for such a product!

Substantial advantages of our HHO kits

Oxy-hydrogen gas production is quite big, especially when you compare it to its compact size. The HHO Generator is quite small, so the installation will be pretty straightforward.

All the materials that we use in our HHO kit have certificates for origin and quality.

The SS plates are 316L – INOX; The SS also has some percentage of Titanium in its ingredients. Thus increasing their lifespan. We laser cut all our SS details we use with high precision. All SS plates pass chemical and mechanical treatments. Extended lifespan after these treatments.

The rubber in our gaskets is an EPDM. They were molded by unique recipes to meet our technical requirements, such as a temperature range between -51 to + 177 degrees. EPDM rubber is oil-resistant as well. The square shape allows us to use a lot more working surfaces in the HHo generator. The thickness of the gaskets is based on the exact density of the electrolyte. So, the conductivity process of the electrons between plates would be appropriate. The ratio of electrolytes is significant for the regular operation of the HHO generator during temperature amplitudes like severe winter or scorching summer.

The hose connectors we use are the “Push-In” type. They are thus allowing us a secure connection between the components. Besides, Push-In fittings have a 360-degree movable direction. PA12 hose it’s high quality for such devices. No silicone hoses, PVC, nylon, silicone, or garden hose, these hoses aren’t reliable for vehicles.

The HHO tank of the HHO kit has a volume of 1.4 liters. We are making our tanks made of fire-retardant plastic. We follow the requirements of the automobile industry for durability, long life, and compact size would allow easier installation in all kinds of vehicles. Our reservoir has a special place to mount the water-level sensor. You can add a water level sensor to your order when you are preparing your order. It will come installed in the tank. The tank has a non-vented cap with a secured gasket inside, of course. There will be no leaks of electrolytes or gas. The function of the tank is to keep more electrolytes in the system, as well as to allow the circulation of liquid between the Dry cell and the container. Hydrogen is produced by the dry cell, and water vapor is created as well.

The Bubbler has four main functions. Clean the HHO gas from steam. Feed only pure HHO gas to the air intake. The second function is to prevent a back spark to the tank of the system. The Bubbler acts as a flashback arrestor itself. The third most important function is to prevent water from going into the engine intake. So, that is why it determines the level inside the Bubbler. For instance, if you drive too long distances, there will be more water vapor. Respectively the water will reach a higher level.


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