Hydrogen fuel saving system HS 8000 pro + CC PWM American truck

Bulgaria, Sofia City, Nadezhda
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Hydrogen fuel saving system HS 8000 pro + CC PWM American truck
Bulgaria, Sofia City, Nadezhda,
Published 7 months ago


Do you know that you can
by installing  HHO KIT in your Truck?

How does the HHO car kit work?
How to assemble the HHO kit?

Yes, you can save fuel and reduce emissions dramatically!

By adding HHO gas to your engine, you enrich the air-fuel mixture with Hydrogen and Oxygen gases. They improve regular fuels to burn more efficiently and thoroughly. Usually, most known fuels such as petrol, diesel, LPG, or CNG have an efficiency of around 25%. It means they create ONLY 25% mechanical power by their burning. Isn't it too small? Yes, it is! As well, they pollute the air, which is a real issue with the smog. Another aspect, your engine also builds up carbon deposits.

The engine burns hydrocarbon fuels; as a result, we have mechanical power, CO2, CO, and Carbon soot accumulated over some significant engine parts. Affected parts of the engine are the EGR valve, air-intake pipes, and swirl flaps. Also turbo compressor, diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter, etc. These accumulated carbon deposits usually compromise the regular operation of the engine at a specific time.  In most cases, before the engine has 150K kilometers, it already starts having carbon problems. Our company has been working for over a decade to improve this technology. Hydrox Systems helps people get an advantage.

We have done lots of tests and spent a lot of materials to test and select the best ones. We spent a lot of financial resources, we also spent a lot of time, effort, and nerves to improve hydrogen technologies.
We've lost a lot of time developing the most effective and reliable HHO generators. But now you can use our products, produced based on all our experience and desire to build the most sophisticated HHO kits. So, don't spend all of these resources above! We are already done this for you! Just buy it and use it!

HHO CAR KIT HS 8000 DRY CELL has 25 PLATES 100% INOX with Titanium in the ingredients.

In this video, we show the main principle of the operation of the HHO kit. The produced HHO gas from the HHO CAR KIT is acting as additional fuel to the usual air-fuel mixture in any engine. Once the (H) Hydrogen is fuel and secondary, the (O) Oxygen helps the burning process. HHO is the chemical abbreviation of Oxy-hydrogen.

HHO gas has two molecules of Hydrogen and one molecule of Oxygen. When we add HHO to a regular internal combustion engine, we practically enrich the air-fuel mixture with HHO, which is beneficial for any Internal Combustion Engine. Enriching the air-fuel mixture makes fossil fuel burn more efficiently and complete, which releases more mechanical power, of course.

The HHO car kit needs two things to start operation: electrical power and electrolyte. Power 12-14.4V DC we take from the charging system of your vehicle, and we manage the proper power usage by our Dynamic PWM's. There are two models: Dynamic PWM for Diesel 12V and Dynamic PWM  for Petrol injection engine 12V. Dynamic PMW controls the usage of power and, of course, the production of HHO gas based on the RPMs of the Engine. Practically optimizing energy consumption because on lower RPM, your alternator can not carry a more significant load (Amps). Also, when the engine increases its RPMs by pressing the gas pedal, even the RPMs of the alternator are increased, and the alternator can carry a more significant load (Amps). If you put too many Amps (load) on the alternator, the engine's ECU will read this extra load, especially at lower RPMs.

For example, when you wait on idle RPMs at the traffic light and will start injecting more fuel to compensate for the extra load taken from the HHO system. That is why we developed this device called Dynamic PWM to control better the amount (A) and production of HHO gas based on the RPMs and engine needs. I will provide you with comprehensive information about the Dynamic PWM in another video here on our Youtube channel. You can feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel and share our videos!

The HHO car kit electrolyte is made from Water and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). Water is not expensive at the moment, and KOH is a chemical, which also is not expensive. The KOH will be poured into the water and mixed until dissolved in total. The electrolyte ratio for our HHO Car Kits is 10%, meaning 100 grams of Potassium Hydroxide mixed in 1 Liter of water. You all know that 1 liter of water is equal to 1 kg exactly. That is how we calculated a 10% electrolyte because we poured 0.1 Kg. KOH into 1 Liter of water. Then it can be put into the HHO reservoir, so practically fill the HHO kit with its raw material. The HHO kit is ready for work now.

When we apply power to the dry cell, it will start producing HHO gas immediately. As you see in the video, the HHO Dry cell is on a lower level than the HHO reservoir.


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